Our people

The Swiss Land Management Team

Our interdisciplinary team is composed of experienced program directors and implementation experts from diverse fields from both, the private and the public sector. Our approach focuses on practical and methodological aspects as well as on linking relevant actors while providing technical expertise and promoting the North-South-East exchange.

Dr. Jürg Lüthy
President of the Foundation
 Geomatics, SDI and CadastreGeomatik + Vermessung Stadt Zürich
Dr. Martin Fritsch
Vice-President of the Foundation
Land Management and Capacity Development
Dr. Roland Stengele
Geodata Acquisition and Geodesy
BSF Swissphoto AG
Dr. Daniel Steudler
Foundation Member
Land Administration and Land Policy
Jürg Kaufmann
Foundation Member
Land Administration and Legal Framework
Thomas Gross
Foundation Member
Land Management, Rural Development
Hycon GmbH
Diego Salmeron
Foundation Member
Urban planning and resilience
LEP Consultants AG
Maurice Barbieri
Foundation Member
Geodesy and Land Administration
Géodétec S.A.
Lorenz Jenni
Foundation Member
Land Administration and Land Governance
Landnetwork GmbH
Swiss think-tank on sustainable land management
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