Swiss Land Management Foundation
Development through Sustainable Land Management
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positive Impacts we want to achieve
 Poverty Reduction and Food Security through equal access to Land for all and Sustainable Land Management in Urban & Peri-Urban and Rural Areas 
Swiss Land Management TEAM

Who we are

An interdisciplinary team led by experienced program directors and implementing experts from diverse fields from the private and public sector. Our approach focuses on practical and methodological aspects as well as on linking the relevant actors while providing technical expertise. With this we seek to foster the North-South-East exchange.

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Land – a Precious Resource for All

Sustainable economic and social development is the result of stability in land governance and related processes. This includes reliable land administration, transparent land management, and a legal framework, which allows equal access to land for the local population. Particular attention is needed for rural communities, women and vulnerable groups.

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SLM Blog

December 8, 2023
Swiss Land Management Foundation Annual Meeting

Swiss Land Management Foundation had its annual foundation meeting on December 7th in Kloten.‍

February 2, 2024
Swiss Accompanying Measures Project Kick-Off

Swiss Land Management Network Consortium is implementing Swiss Accompanying Measures (SAM) for SECO Cadastre Projects.

June 29, 2017
Swiss Land Manangement is supporting the SECO Colombia Project of BSF Swissphoto

A delegation from Colombia visited Switzerland from 5-11 June 2017. BSF Swissphoto's project team organised the visit of a Colombian delegation to Switzerland to get acquainted with the Swiss cadastral system.