About Us
Our mission is to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through our joint competence and expertise in Sustainable Land Management

Swiss Land Management is a private foundation aiming at transferring experiences of methodologies and technologies to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The Foundation acts as a think-tank in the land related fields of development and management and is a close cooperation with the Swiss private sector and the Swiss Government.

What we are best at

Our Core Competences

Sustainable Land Management
Our members apply practices and technologies for integrated management of land, water, and other resources to ensuring long-term sustainability, ecosystem services, biodiversity, and livelihoods. Spatial planning is an important aspect of sustainable land management
Data - Information - Knowledge
We develop integrated approaches for a viable relationship between rural and urban areas and promote sustainable land use in the context of urbanisation thus increasing resilient cities and urban environments
Effective Land Administration
Land administration deals with rules about how land tenure is managed efficiently. Our experts do this in their daily work in Switzerland and abroad, applying fit-for-purpose approaches and Effective Land Administration
Responsible Land Governance
Responsible land governance emphasises the need to design the processes that govern access to and use of land in a way that it creates benefits for all. The Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Land Tenure are an important tool to achieve this
Land Policy & Legal Framework
Land policies and a consistent legislation processes and frameworks are at the core to achieve social and economic development for all, including the most disadvantaged groups. Pro-poor land policy approaches are therefore needed
Capacity Development
Capacity Development is a long-term endeavour applied to four interdependent dimensions: the individual, the networks, the organisation and the system. SLM supports this concept within the scope of its land management expertise
Swiss think-tank on sustainable land management
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