SAM Cadastre
Implemented by
Several SwissLM afiliated companies – LandNetwork GmbH, Acht Grad Ost AG, Swissphoto AG and LEP Consultants AG
Project Period
December 2022 – November 2026
Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
SAM is a mechanism to support SECO financed and co-financed multilateral cooperation projects.

SAM Cadastre entails in its first component the support to the Urban Cadastre Project in Peru as well as to the Ciudata+ Project in Colombia, both implemented by the World Bank.
The second component includes new project identification and conceptualization services in additional partner countries of SECO and small interventions.

For both countries, Peru and Colombia, complementary measures were identified in an inception phase, aiming mainly to improve data governance and interoperability between the cadastre system and other data consumers and producers.

The complementary measures are accompanied by the pool of experts of the consortium selected and approved by World Bank and SECO.

SAM in Peru and Colombia seeks to improve cadastre information management and thus increase urban resilience
Workshop on Data Governance with the Ministry of Housing in Peru
Capacity building activity with Ciudata+ Program in Colombia
Swiss think-tank on sustainable land management
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